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Piotr Stawirej

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About Me

I am clean code enthusiast, TDD/BDD obsessed and agile methodology adherent. Passionate about professional attitude in every aspect of work. With over 14 years of experience in Tele Atlas and TomTom, leading map making industries, with large back-end and transactional systems. I cherish clean design regardless of used language or technology and I am strongly against cargo cult approach.

I am spending free time drumming in my band KaAtaKilla.


Clean code as business accelerator

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test && commit || revert (TCR) - alternative to TDD or eccentricity?

test && commit || revert (TCR) is an alternative programming workflow to Test-Driven Development. If the tests pass changes are committed, otherwise all changes since the last successful test run are discarded. TCR is a workflow which encourages you to make changes in tiny steps (smaller commits). As a result, changes will get out into production faster. TCR “enforce” doing one change at a time. This leads to learn and create good refactoring approaches during a development.

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Talk to me nicely - how to communicate your ideas and speed up your career

Are you frustrated because your ideas about new tools, frameworks, practices are not picked up by your fellow developers? Do you notice flaws in organization and your manager doesn't want to listen to you? You don't know why your mate behaves way he does? Are you angry because your code review remarks are considered nitpicky? 85% of your success depends on emotions. For some people sooner for some people later the way they handle other people will be a blocker for further development not only as developer/manager but also as a human. It is most probably that this will impact your career (promotion or even job lost).

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Java 9 - beyond Jigsaw

Java 9 is coming and the Java Platform Module System is undoubtedly its flagship feature. However there is more than just Project Jigsaw! It is bringing a lot of small and “not-so-small” changes to the platform.

During the session I will talk about modularity, comparison to OSGI and Java 9 language changes itself.

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Modern Agile Retrospectives

Agile methodology is attractive for many developers. However badly performed can demotivate and withdrew team from perform in a hypervelocity. One of scrum practices is retrospective. In this session you will see how to avoid common mistakes, use retrospective as a powerful agile tool to improve your teams and truly understand what you are doing. Ladies and gentleman I am giving you – Modern Retro!

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Clean Code

As software engineers we should act as professionals and deliver working high quality software which is easy to maintain. There is no shortcuts which will not hurt us in the future. We have to understand why should we care, how to apply basic clean code principles, how to make your code “tells a story”, be easy to extend and not create legacy systems.

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Law of Demeter, Clean Code and SOLID

There are many ways to create clean, simple, and maintainable code. In this episode we talk about:

  • Law of Demeter
  • SOLID principles and STUPID principles, which should be avoided
  • Clean Code of Uncle Bob
Additionally we will tackle General Responsibilities Assignment Software Patterns or LCOM metrics.

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